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Italian Study Group on Platelets
Gruppo di Studio delle PiastrinE (GSP)


The Italian Study Group on Platelets (Gruppo di Studio delle Piastrine) is an association of people interested in "platelets" for their research or for their daily clinical practice.

The group (GSP) was born in 2000 and since its origin is characterized as an interdisciplinary team involving scientists and clinicians from different disciplines and with scientific interests ranging from molecular biology to clinical diagnostics. The moment of encounter and confrontation is the annual GSP meeting, an opportunity to discuss what each research group is or will be doing. The annual meetings last three days, are very informal, open for young people to present their latest results and scientific experiences, in venues that allow a continuous direct contact among the participants in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Ultimate aims of GSP are cultural enrichment, exchange of experience and knowledge, and generation of new activities and collaborative research derived from the identification of common points of interest. GSP is characterized by its non-structured organization (there are no presidents, vice-presidents, board of directors, treasurers, etc ...) and by its not accepting funding or sponsorship from private companies or organizations that could directly or indirectly influence the activities of GSP or derive economical advantage from its initiatives. Indeed the constant and increasing participation of a significant number of researchers to the annual meetings, the development of a number of scientific collaborations and the creation of a network of clinical centres and research laboratories witness the vitality of the GSP.


Paolo Gresele (grespa@unipg.it)
Chiara Cerletti (ccerletti@rm.unicatt.it)