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EuCP Certification

EuCP Certification

The European Certification of Pharmacologists (European Certified Pharmacology, EuCP) is a system activated by EPHAR (European Federation of Pharmacological Societies) for the authentication of training standards, skills, experience and professional activity for individual pharmacologists or scientists working in the field of Pharmacology in European Union countries. Such qualified individuals can obtain recognition as Certified European Pharmacologists.

The program, launched by EPHAR in 2015 in the same way in the similar certification platform for European Toxicologists, provides for individuals to adhere to the guidelines approved by the national Pharmacological Societies that describe the formal requirements and procedures for certification and re-certification, as well as the fields of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience that are relevant for the suitability for this certification.

This platform is the first project carried out by EPHAR in collaboration with the National Pharmacological Societies to respond to a common concern: the threat of downsizing if not eclipses of Pharmacology as an independent discipline in Europe. In many European universities, in fact, the Pharmacology departments have been abolished or merged with other units or, even worse, the teaching of Pharmacology has been abolished to assign some rudiments to teachers of similar areas. Many Pharmacologists have therefore rightly felt the strong need to identify themselves as such through belonging to their national Pharmacological Society and obtaining an international certification. This will entail an increase in the visibility of our science and, consequently, a new and more effective placement of Pharmacologists in the various contexts of the scientific and economic world in Europe. A much stronger position of Italian and European Pharmacology towards political entities, professional organizations, foundations and scientific stakeholders will probably be gained when it is necessary to obtain public forethought for the pharmacological research and to support the awareness of the importance of our science in providing advice and expertise.

The Italian Society of Pharmacology has placed itself in the context of the EuCP by establishing a committee that worked on the definition of the criteria for the admission of both academic and professional candidates. The certification system, in fact, has been designed to meet the requests of all those who work in the area of Pharmacology in Italy, but aimed particularly at young people who look to European horizons as a new scenario of professional opportunities. The SIF-EuCP programme is now ready to be launched and available to all colleagues who are potentially interested at it.

We hope that the SIF-EuCP program can strengthen the sense of identity of Italian Pharmacologists in Europe and at the same time represent a new resource for obtaining professional results for those working in the area of Pharmacology.

Prof. Filippo Drago – President of SIF-EuCP Certification Commission

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