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1 dicembre 2023

SIF Ricerca di base / 106

sif-SIF Ricerca di base-106
  • Exosomal miR-27b-3p secreted by visceral adipocytes contributes to endothelial inflammation and atherogenesis
  • Macrophage-to-endothelial cell crosstalk by the cholesterol metabolite 27HC promotes atherosclerosis in male mice
  • Multi-level analysis of the gut–brain axis shows autism spectrum disorder-associated molecular and microbial profiles
  • The small molecule fibroblast growth factor receptor inhibitor infigratinib exerts anti-inflammatory effects and remyelination in a model of multiple sclerosis
  • The 5-HT1A receptor agonist 8-OH-DPAT modulates motor/exploratory activity, recognition memory and dopamine transporter binding in the dorsal and ventral striatum
  • High Soluble Endoglin Levels Affect Aortic Vascular Function during Mice Aging
  • Study protocol for Ketamine as an adjunctive therapy for major depression (2): a randomised controlled trial (KARMA-Dep [2])
  • Specialized Pro-resolving Mediator Improves Vascular Relaxation via Formyl Peptide Receptor-2
  • Clinicopathological and predictive value of MAIT cells in non-small cell lung cancer for immunotherapy
  • Inverse association between apolipoprotein C-II and cardiovascular mortality: role of lipoprotein lipase activity modulation
  • In vivo macrophage engineering reshapes the tumor microenvironment leading to eradication of liver metastases.
  • Reprogramming tumor-associated macrophages to outcompete endovascular endothelial progenitor cells and suppress tumor neoangiogenesis
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