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2 maggio 2024

SIF Ricerca di base / 111

sif-SIF Ricerca di base-111
  • Chemokine CCL2 promotes cardiac regeneration and repair in myocardial infarction mice via activation of the JNK/STAT3 axis
  • Protective effect of microbiota-derived short chain fatty acids on vascular dysfunction in mice with systemic lupus erythematosus induced by toll like receptor 7 activation
  • Hydrogen sulfide ameliorates hypertension and vascular dysfunction induced by insulin resistance in rats by reducing oxidative stress and activating eNOS
  • Resolvin D2 prevents vascular remodeling, hypercontractility and endothelial dysfunction in obese hypertensive mice through modulation of vascular and proinflammatory factors
  • Cellular allostatic load is linked to increased energy expenditure and accelerated biological aging
  • ApoA-I protects pancreatic β-cells from cholesterol-induced mitochondrial damage and restores their ability to secrete insulin
  • Immunotherapy with an antibody against CD1d modulates neuroinflammation in an α-synuclein transgenic model of Lewy body like disease
  • An inflammation resolution–promoting intervention prevents atrial fibrillation caused by left ventricular dysfunction
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