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1 luglio 2024

SIF Ricerca di base / 113

sif-SIF Ricerca di base-113
  • Neuronal ablation of GHSR mitigates diet-induced depression and memory impairment via AMPK-autophagy signaling-mediated inflammation
  • IC100, a humanized therapeutic monoclonal anti‑ASC antibody alleviates oxygen‑induced retinopathy in mice
  • FXR agonists INT-787 and OCA increase RECK and inhibit liver steatosis and inflammation in diet-induced ob/ob mouse model of NASH
  • Correction of age-associated defects in dendritic cells enables CD4+ T cells to eradicate tumors
  • iPSC-derived hindbrain organoids to evaluate escitalopram oxalate treatment responses targeting neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Widespread S-persulfidation in activated macrophages as a protective mechanism against oxidative-inflammatory stress
  • Basal–epithelial subpopulations underlie and predict chemotherapy resistance in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
  • Generalized fear after acute stress is caused by change in neuronal cotransmitter identity
  • Transcriptomic evaluation of a stress vulnerability network using single cell rna-seq in mouse prefrontal cortex
  • High-dose atorvastatin therapy progressively decreases skeletal muscle mitochondrial respiratory capacity in humans
  • Modulation of cisplatin sensitivity through trpml1-mediated lysosomal exocytosis in ovarian cancer cells: a comprehensive metabolomic approach
  • Gene therapy for Lafora disease in the Epm2a(-/-) mouse model
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