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1 marzo 2023

SIF Ricerca di base / 98

sif-SIF Ricerca di base-98
  • Platelet Lipidome Fingerprint: New Assistance to Characterize Platelet Dysfunction in Obesity
  • Distinct serotonergic pathways to the amygdala underlie separate behavioral features of anxiety
  • The c-Abl inhibitor IkT-148009 suppresses neurodegeneration in mouse models of heritable and sporadic Parkinson's disease
  • Sulforaphane induces lipophagy through the activation of AMPK-mTOR-ULK1 pathway signaling in adipocytes
  • A 'best-in-class' systemic biomarker predictor of clinically relevant knee osteoarthritis structural and pain progression
  • Activation of the transcription factor NRF2 mediates the anti-inflammatory properties of a subset of over-the-counter and prescription NSAIDs
  • Age-associated adipose tissue inflammation promotes monocyte chemotaxis and enhances atherosclerosis
  • Selective effects of acute and chronic stress on slow and alpha-theta cortical functional connectivity and reversal with subanesthetic ketamine
  • pH sensing controls tissue inflammation by modulating cellular metabolism and endo-lysosomal function of immune cells
  • Short-term exposure to dimethyl fumarate (DMF) inhibits LPS-induced IκBζ expression in macrophages
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